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Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Cerelle

Started taking this pill when I was told I could not take the mini pill anymore due to the possibility of strokes and blood clo…

Combined pill

- Microgynon 30/75

Been on microgynon for 17years, initially it was brilliant as I suffered from heavy Irregular periods and it made it lighter an…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Cerazette

Have stopped taking today, feel really low in mood which has got worse recently also gained weight since started this pill, ski…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Cerazette

Been using it for 3 1/2 months as I was advised to switch to mini pill due to family breast cancer history. Had no issues with …

Combined pill

- Rigevidon

Good for providing protection against pregnancy but but in terms or mental health, weight and sex drive.

Combined pill

- Brevinor

A pretty mean pill in my experience. My boobs went from an A to a C in a matter of weeks, much to my boyfriend’s delight!…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Desogestrel

Onto this pill due to Loestrin 20 being discontinued. This pill has had no effect on my moods (that i’ve noticed), my ski…


- Nexplanon

I got the implant last January and only have positive things to say about it. Insertion was fine, hurts a bit and turned into a…

Hormonal coil (IUS)

- Mirena

Insertion was a ‘pinch’, but caused bad cramps for two weeks afterwards which felt like a ‘bad period’,…