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Combined pill

- Femodene

Been on this pill for almost two years and I am changing. I have gained 2 stone since being on it – it is the only thing …

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Zelleta

Been on this for 5 months, can’t believe how bad my skin has got. Never had such a bad reaction to a contraception before…

Hormonal coil (IUS)

- Mirena

Yes, the insertion part was sore but it was only for a very short time. For me, the benefits far outweighed the 5 minutes of pa…

Combined pill

- Rigevidon

Horrible mood swings to the point where I wouldn’t leave my bed for full days

Combined pill

- Gedarel 30/150

Very bad mood swings
Couldn’t control emotions at all
First week of starting it I sobbed every day about nothing<...

Combined pill

- Marvelon

I have tried both Yasmin & Microgynon combined pill before Marvelon and have experienced issues with them all. Marvelon ca…

Combined pill

- Marvelon

I was moved onto Marvelon as my pharmacy had no supply of Loestrin 20 – I noticed pretty much as soon as I started taking…

Hormonal coil (IUS)

- Jaydess

Insertion process wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it just felt like period cramps. Was given local anaesthetic which rea…


- Nexplanon

I’m waiting to get the implant removed, I’ve given it nearly two years which the doctor advised but it just doesn’t agree…