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Combined pill

- Gedarel 20/150

First 3 months I have had a few side effects more seem to have calmed down but I do still get spotting when I would normally be…

Combined pill

- Rigevidon

The pill was great and did the job (and gave me boobs), but I noticed a distinct change in my mood and sensitivity.
I wou…

Combined pill

- Levest

I really struggled with mood swings and general emotions on Levest. Felt like a completely different person, head full of negat…

Combined pill

- Yasmin

It stopped working after 3 years and I fell pregnant!


- Nexplanon

My periods were constant for the second month so was given maexeni to completely stop them. I don’t have to really be ver…

Combined pill

- Maexeni

I keep getting angry and irritant at anyone and everything since I’ve started these pills. Seems like I’m never in …

Hormonal coil (IUS)

- Mirena

Overall more of a positive experience than being on the combined pill. Tender breasts is a symptom that is new to me after goin…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Desogestrel

Mixed reviews for this pill. Switched to this as I was getting horrific migraines and I’ve not had one since which is a huge …

Combined pill

- Rigevidon

After being on microgynon for over 10 years, I was switched to this pill by my doctor despite asking for microgynon (they assur…