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Combined pill

- Lizinna

This was the worst few months of my life, after being swapped from Cilest to this I can say it was absolutely awful! I would ha…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Cerelle

One downside to using this pill solely for contraception is that the missed periods can give rise to pregnancy scares. Regularl…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Noriday

Gave birth end of December, started this pill in April (2 and 1/2 months) and had 5 periods and never been spotty but until tak…

Copper coil (IUD)

Overall the copper coil has been useful for me as I don’t react well to synthetic hormones (they cause weight and mood change…

Combined pill

- Cilest

Overall I’ve been very satisfied


- Nexplanon

Complete loss of sex drive and anxiety

Copper coil (IUD)

I experienced heavy cramping when the coil was first inserted but this gradually subsided over the first week. My periods becam…

Combined pill

- Rigevidon

I had negative symptoms for the first month or so, heavy mood swings, feeling very upset and feeling slightly unwell at times b…

Combined pill

- Brevinor

Overall, the best pill I’ve taken in terms of emotions. However, very painful breasts and back pains