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Combined pill

- Microgynon ED Tablets

After a few days of taking Microgynon I began to feel very anxious. I didn’t immediately realise it was my pill until I began…


- Nexplanon

I was one of the lucky one’s whose periods stopped completely. I’ve just had my first implant replaced after the th…

Combined pill

- Yasmin

This is the best combined pill I’ve had so far in terms of my anxiety and depression, which I suffered badly from on other pi…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Cerazette

I’m going to stop taking it due to very bad PMS. I get this without pill but not as bad and because periods are irregular not…

Combined pill


first time taking the pill, even though this brand was prescribed by doctor, it has had terrible affect on my mood (swings, ang…

Combined pill

- Rigevidon

Despite not having any noticeable changes to skin or weight etc… The effect on my mood was so negative that I had to stop…

Progesterone only / Mini pill

- Desogestrel

I have recently just started this pill and quickly noticed a massive change in mood. I feel like I’m losing my mind, I don’…

Combined pill

- Loestrin 20

This was generally a very good pill for me, as it lightened my periods significantly and did not cause any other physical sympt…


- Nexplanon

The implant made me very emotional and feel very unstable. Alongside this I gained a fair amount of weight and developed very b…