Progesterone only / Mini pill


About the reviewer

Time used
3 - 6 months
Had children
70kg - 75kg / 11st 0lb - 11st 11lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


Before I started taking the pill I had been on my period for 4 consistent months!!! When I started I very quickly started to notice that the flow was going down. For about 2 weeks I then had days where I where one day I would be bleeding and the next I wasn’t. The spotting eventually stopped. Another symptom that I struggled with at the beginning was the constipation. After 5 months being on the pill that has now thankly calmed down but the night sweats have been consistent every since I first started taking it. The second week of being on the pill was the worst for me, I had a lot of nausea, bad cramps and woke up everyday screaming in pain. After the first month I would say was when my body started to adjust to the pill and things have been great since. About a month ago, so my fourth month on the pill, I did have one bad day where I had extremely painful headaches that stopped me from doing anything for the day and had to speak to my doctor but apart from that, it has been great. The first month was definitely the worst month for me and I even considered stopping taking them, but if there are any girls out there similar to me, I strongly recommend sticking it out and it will hopefully get better. The pill for me has stopped my periods completely which is exactly what I wanted. I would take the symptoms over periods any day as before the pill I struggled for 10 years with heavy, irregular, painful periods and as long as I keep taking the pill, I never have to worry! 9/10

Impact whilst taking

Neutral - no change
No change
Stopped periods
Sex drive
I don’t know / can’t tell

Side effects whilst taking



Increased sweating

Back pain

Nausea or vomiting

Womb cramps


Vaginal discharge

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