Progesterone only / Mini pill


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110kg - 115kg / 17st 4lb - 18st 1lb
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When I was 33 (am now 40) I started getting PMS for the first time ever, yes lucky I know. Here’s my background first: I’d had chronically heavy periods from my very first one at the age of 12, the kind where I’d have to got to bed with one surfboard maternity pad down the middle, another across the back and a folded towel on the bed! But in the morning when I woke up, I’d be so full it would spill over!! It went for 7 full days too. Symptoms were I’d get the usual very tender lower abdomen and sore breasts, tired and lethargic feeling. But never overly emotional or irrational. I even used to this PMS was made up! (sorry sorry I know now). Anyway, along comes 33, it’s a day before my period was due I would be a complete and utter fragile mess. Deeply depressed and highly irrational. Completely unable to regulate my moods. Plus depending on what was happening at the time I could be shaking with blind rage or wishing I could collapse in someones arms while I cried forever. I’ve since found out that what I had is called PMDD – Premenstrual dysphoric disorder. I rushed off to the GP after my 2nd round of this, knowing there was no way I could lead a normal life with it and she put me on Cerazette. I know call it my ‘keeping me sane’ pill. I never bleed. Did you read that? I never bleed!! Hurrah! It’s a complete and utter god send! I don’t want children either so that’s a bonus. It took me about 3 months to stop spotting on it, then all clear. About 2 yrs in my breasts stared being really tender, so the GP recommended 1000mg of Evening Primrose Oil daily, which I took for about 4 years and the pain went away. I’m off those now and no pain at all. Very important note here though: If I am ever off it, I was once for 3 days by accident recently and a deep depression, waves of irrational thinking and despair came crashing in. A friend of mine who is on it has said it’s her best anti-depressant she’s ever had, and she’s tried actual anti-depressants.

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