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I’ve never used any forms of hormonal birth control and I’m 35. I’ve been using this method, now with an app, but I don’t measure my temperature, I just stay extra careful several days around ovulation, meaning either use condoms or have different types of sex. My cycle is pretty regular, but I add a few extra “unsafe” days (unsafe for unprotected sex) to be safer. Sometimes its annoying to have to check the calendar, and to put thought into it, and sometimes to worry that its not 100% safe, but most forms of birth control are not 100% safe, and actually there really are no side effects on my body, and that is a major relief for me. The minor “annoyance” of having to check the calendar on my app (which is even way easier nowadays) is truly nothing compared to some of things my friends who take hormonal birth control over the years have been through and told me about. I can recommend it, but you have to attend to the app and calendar the way you would take a daily pill. Right now my male partner also has an app downloaded so he can see when I’m ovulating and when the unsafe days are. I asked him to do this so it wouldn’t be my sole responsibility to keep an eye on it, and so he has some agency over this as well. Its a method your partner needs to understand, and understand how it works, and respect it. You can’t really get “lazy” or irresponsible and just have unprotected sex on an unsafe day, that’s how you get pregnant, and that’s not the fault of the method. I’d say I can be pretty impulsive, but my health and not putting potentially damaging chemicals in my body is more important to me than being able to have unprotected sex anytime I want. Its just not really that much effort actually to have the best of both worlds, and I feel like this method is the best of both worlds for me.

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