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8+ years
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65kg - 70kg / 10st 3lb - 11st 0lb
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I don’t use hormones because the pill has always impacted my mood negatively. I used Microgynon and Cilest as a teen, and although they made my flow lighter my mood was negatively impacted, and I gained weight. I now use no contraception and keep track of my ovulation, without apps, using condoms and withdrawal. I find tracking my moods useful, which I do on my iPhone. I didn’t find apps helpful as I got anxious when they were a day late- no one needs a ‘YOUR PERIOD IS THREE DAYS OVERDUE’ reminder flashing up on your screen. My periods are fairly regular, very heavy for two days, manageable for the rest. I use Premherb from Holland & Barrett, a herbal supplement which helps me regulate my hormones throughout the month- my PMS is a nightmare. I am not sure what to do about this- for two or three days I become a different person, hate everyone, everything and myself, and in addition look pregnant. Shit gets crazy. However, I prefer a few days of bad PMS to weeks of unmanageable and unpredictable moodswings . I don’t believe I should have to put hormones in my body- why the bloody hell should we and not men? All my experiences with hormonal pills have been negative. I also tried the copper coil, which was recommended to me and described as an ‘uncomfortable’ procedure. After insertion, which was painful, I got such severe cramps I fainted and I had to have it taken it out immediately. I have recently taken Ella One (the morning after pill) and would advise EVERYONE against this. It’s sent me absolutely mad, I’ve yelled at people, shouted…my period is three weeks late now even though I’m not pregnant, I feel like I’ve due been on for three weeks. Complete nightmare. Someone section me and I need a lavender pillow to sniff. I have taken Levonelle before and this was fine. Hormonal contraception has never work for me. I feel letting my body do it’s thing and using meditation, exercise and good food helps with my moods and PMS. I try and eat as well as I can when I’m due on to reduce bloating but don’t put pressure on myself if I don’t. Sometimes entire loaves of bread and tubs of icing are necessary.

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat positively
I lost weight
Heavier periods
Sex drive
No change

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Better skin

Tender breasts

Back pain

Spots or acne

Womb cramps

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