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Hello! I am using the fertility awareness method of Sensiplan (which has a PI of 0.4) and I’m soooo happy with it. By learning about the different signs my body gives me and the rules of the method I know when I’m potentially fertile or not. What’s great is that I’m in charge of what I do and can decide how effective the method will be. For example, we use condoms during the fertile days, but when I notice that I’m very close to ovulation, we use condoms and pull out combined. To know about all of this is very empovering, to take control yourself. I’m a science girl, I love data and facts and research, so this method is perfect for me because it’s so scientific, I collect data about myself and am totally my own boss! Another positive thing is, that there are no bad side effects, only good ones! I can tell when there’s something wrong with my hormones and work effectively together with my docor. I know when my period will arrive almost to the day even if my cycles vary quite a bit. If I want to get pregnant some day, I’ll be able to tell which ones are the mose effective to try! I really recommend to learn some kind of fertility awareness method for everyone! PS It’s no the rythm method, and I’d be so happy to see a category for fertility awareness methods here, that’s not lumped in with pull out and calendar, which are very unsafe!

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