Male vasectomy


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Vasectomies are relatively safe for surgical procedures, but it is STILL SURGERY and as such has risks and side effects. In particular be aware that many of the side effects aren’t really talked about. In my case I thought I was well educated about the procedure (I am a nurse) but it wasn’t until after the deed was done that I learned for about 10% of men (numbers vary from study to study) the pain from surgery never entirety goes away. Most of the time (including in my case) it’s pretty mild and you can still function, but it’s always there and I was not warned about that possibility. As far as sexual side effects, there’s a lot of misinformation out there so let me cover the basics: -You still ejaculate, and the amount is pretty much unchanged. However, the consistency of your semen does change–often runnier post-op. -You can still get someone pregnant for a few months after the procedure. Plan accordingly. -Officially there shouldn’t be any difference in orgasm or sex drive. I must disagree. Orgasm doesn’t feel the same at all, but seems to be slowly recovering over time. At 1 month post-op sex was actually pretty unpleasant to the point I just wasn’t interested at all. I am at 2 months now and it’s . . . pleasant again but still not what it once was. -The appearance of your genitals may change a little, particularly the way the testicles hang. Nothing major, but it can make you feel pretty self conscious. The surgery itself isn’t too bad– kind of like a root canal but more embarrassing. I’m still pretty recent post-op so I am hoping things improve, the side effects aren’t unbearable but I do wish they hadn’t downplayed them as much as they did.

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Womb cramps

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