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About the reviewer

Time used
6 - 12 months
Had children
75kg - 80kg / 11st 11lb - 12st 8lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


I have had 3 injections now. I have had issued with an Ectropion womb and this was one of the last contraception’s I could try. In the first 12 weeks my skin was great and I had no issues with it however I did notice a slight increase in weight which was unexplained and no sex drive. I took my second and within this time period I noticed a lot of weight gain around 8-11lbs more than I would be normally. It had been lockdown but I was going back into the office and started back at the gym so it really didn’t make sense. I did bleed lightly on the week before I needed to take my next injection. I had promised myself I wouldn’t take a 3rd injection but I started bleeding just before my holiday so took it (stupidly) and now I am on my third. I really regret taking it, I am so low in my moods and I have a really bad body perception. I am now 1.5 stone heavier than ‘normal’, no sex drive (which is effecting my relationship) and sometimes its painful to have sex when I do. My skin is really bad with cystic acne. I will be coming off contraception as a whole now, even though I really hate having periods. I would really think before having this as you do have to wait at least 12 weeks after taking it.

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat negatively
I gained weight
Stopped periods
Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Spots or acne

Better skin

Increased sweating

Tender breasts

Vaginal discharge

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