About the reviewer

Time used
18 months - 3 years
Had children
115kg - 120kg / 18st 1lb - 18st 12lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


I was on the depo for about 3 years, came off a year and lost loads of weight. (I was trying to) then when i went back on it after a year off, i started to put it back on so came off it again after another year if being on it. When i came off it for the first time, it took 9 months before i had a period as it totally stopped them while i was on it! And i was constantly on and off for a few months. The second time i came off it i went on the pill instead. I am now off that as trying for a baby but i still have not had a proper period, i’ve been off the depo now for 10 months and off the pill for 3 so hard to tell which is stopping my periods still. It is a good contraception, i didnt have any issues other than the weight but that was partly my fault too i think. I had some mood swings but didnt realise until i came off how different i felt in myself. Only other downside is how long it takes to fully wear off if you want a baby!

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat negatively
I gained weight
Stopped periods
Sex drive
No change

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

No effects

No effects

Impact after using

Somewhat positively
I lost weight
I don’t know/can’t tell
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

No effects

No effects

No effects

Experience after taking

I can’t say how long it will be before it wears off totally, i think other factors have to be considered too as everyone is different. I was told that it takes around a year but it is longer for me. Sex drive is higher now i am not on any contraception.

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