About the reviewer

Time used
5 - 8 years
Had children
70kg - 75kg / 11st 0lb - 11st 11lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


I used the depo injection for 6 years and 4 years prior to that, with a break in between both stints. I thought it was great and didn’t notice any side effects apart from no periods and clear skin. It also changed my breast tissue quite a lot, making them less dense and desensitized

Impact whilst taking

I can't tell
I don’t know / can’t tell
Stopped periods
Sex drive
I don’t know / can’t tell

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Better skin

Vaginal dryness

Impact after using

Somewhat positively
No change
I don’t know/can’t tell
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

No effects

Tender breasts

Spots or acne

Enlarged breasts

Vaginal discharge

Experience after taking

In the first 3 months after I stopped I had incredibly tender and painful breasts, and it felt as though my breast tissue changed hugely. The pain has now subsided but I still have heightened sensitivity and painful / dry, often erect nipples. I also suspect stopping has caused at increase in sex drive. My periods haven’t returned yet (although I didn’t expect them to have so soon). So despite having been pleased with the injection the whole time i was on it due to positive side effects like no periods and clearer skin, the side effects coming off have been quite a rollercoaster that I wasn’t expecting. My skin is worse and stopping the hormones seems to have triggered a recurrence of eczema as well as oily skin. I’m looking forward to returning to a normal hormone cycle, as the adjustment period has been quite severe, but I’m glad to have come off as I think taking it for so long normalised some negative side effects I hadn’t really noticed (lowered sex drive, numb / altered breast tissue, emotional haziness etc)

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