About the reviewer

Time used
6 - 12 months
Had children
80kg - 85kg / 12st 8lb - 13st 5lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


I’ve just this month come off the Depo and can’t wait to get rid of it from my body if I’m honest. For the first few months the convenience of it was amazing. Then the side effects kicked in. My periods stopped completely which was the only positive, but I’d have clotting at the early few months. The worst part for me was the Weight again, Acne and Depression. I’m usually such a positive person, and have experienced no real life changes or issues to contribute to the feeling of not wanting to leave my bed some days and calling in sick as I can’t face the world. Even going to the supermarket seems like a huge task for me at the moment. I cry for no reason, snap at everyone including friends, colleagues, my partner. It’s affecting how I treat others. The weight gain and acne haven’t helped my mood. Again, no real diet or product changes. But I have acne like I’m a teenager, terrible scarring from it now since the last year when it started. My weight- well I’ve gained 2 stone since going on the depo injection. I was the smallest I had ever been when I went on it, and now I’ve ballooned. I’ve put on that much I look unrecognisable. It’s had a real negative impact and I honestly can’t wait to get rid. It’s scared me off all Hormonal contraceptives now, so I’m opting for the copper IUD. I’d take heavy periods and an unpleasant fitting over this any day

Impact whilst taking

Very negatively
I gained weight
Stopped periods
Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

Side effects whilst taking

Aura symptoms



Enlarged breasts

Spots or acne

Womb cramps

Vaginal dryness

Impact after using

Somewhat positively
I don’t know / can’t tell
I don’t know/can’t tell
Sex drive
I don’t know / can’t tell

No effects

Better skin

No effects

Experience after taking

I’m still waiting for it to be out my system for good

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