About the reviewer

Time used
6 - 12 months
Had children
60kg - 65kg / 9st 6lb - 10st 3lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


I feel as if contraception is a problem that I can’t find a satisfactory answer to. I attended a complex contraception clinic at my local sexual health clinic and after much discussion decided on an implant. I’ve taken the combined pill (microgynon) on and off for many years. Having it inserted was ok but the wound bled and was very bruised for quite a few days afterwards. I was told that irregular bleeding could be a side effect but equally my periods may stop. Unfortunately for me I had near constant, unpredictable bleeding and spotting. I had it inserted just before the pandemic so I was worried about not being able to see anyone at the clinic for advice. After 3 months of irregular bleeding I phoned for advice and was advised to take microgynon (combined pill) for 3 months and this may sort things out. It didn’t and I didn’t see the point in taking the pill as well as having the implant. I worried about hormone levels even though I was reassured that it was fine. I found the constant bleeding upsetting and annoying. It’s hard to say since we were in the middle of a pandemic but my mental health deteriorated markedly ( I have a history of anxiety and depression) Other troubling side effects were tender breasts and increased breast size. I gave it 6 months as advised then asked for it to be removed. They did not question my decision and told me that around 20% of women with the implant have it removed due to irregular bleeding. This wasn’t quite what I was led to believe. Overall I can see why it’s considered a great method of contraception – if you’re constantly bleeding, you’re not going to be in the mood for sex!! I was bitterly disappointed with whole experience

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat negatively
I gained weight
Irregular periods
Sex drive
I don’t know / can’t tell

Side effects whilst taking


Enlarged breasts

Tender breasts

Vaginal discharge

Impact after using

Somewhat negatively
I gained weight
1 month
Sex drive
No change

No effects

Tender breasts

Womb cramps

Experience after taking

I was relieved to go back on the pill and know when I would have a period

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