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Time used
1 - 3 months
Had children
65kg - 70kg / 10st 3lb - 11st 0lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


I have had nexplanon for 6 weeks. It was recommended to control my endometriosis as I was having breakthrough bleeding and a lot of pain on the pill. It has honestly been 6 of the most miserable weeks of my life. I was on the pill for 10 years with barely any side effects so wasn’t prepared for this at all. Firstly, my moods have been horrible. I feel like I either want to scream, cry or punch something nearly all the time. In the evenings it is a rapid cycle of all three. I checked this website before getting it and decided that people only review if they’re unhappy and there must be a happy majority who is sat silently but that cannot be the case, this stick is the devil. Secondly, the fatigue is like nothing I have ever experienced, I have barely wanted to leave the house, it has ruined my social life completely. I also have pain in all of my joints which has come out of nowhere so can only be nexplanon. Thirdly, I am 30 and have the skin and hair of a greasy 15 year old. My skin was fine before, just some congestion from city living, but now I have cystic acne on my neck and scalp and I have to wash my hair every day compared to every 2-3 before. The only thing that hasn’t changed is my weight but I was probably already carrying those extra lbs from the pill.

Impact whilst taking

Very negatively
No change
Irregular periods
Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Spots or acne

Increased sweating

Enlarged breasts

Womb cramps

Vaginal dryness

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