Hormonal coil (IUS)


About the reviewer

Time used
3 - 6 months
Had children
90kg - 95kg / 14st 2lb - 14st 13lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


So i was on a number of pills from the age of 19. From the mini pill to the combined pill. I had recently stopped cilest as I noticed that over the past 3 years i had little to no sex drive and was always moody. I found this website and started to research about alternatives. So many people recommended the IUD, and one day i decided to just go for it. insertation is painful as I haven’t had kids yet. But I’ve been on it for over 4 months and I finally have a sex drive, my skin is still good, with the odd spot. My mood is much better. Only negative is that I’ve started to grow dark hairs on my neck and chin which i have to pluck. So i think i will need to look into laser hair removal. Also i am always hungry? I have gained 10lbs, but I’m not sure if this is fat or water weight as i work out 5 days a week! Overall, I really like this method. I get extremely light bleeds, and i can always check the strings. Also, when i finally decide to start a family, i can simply go get it removed.

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat positively
I gained weight
Spotting / light bleeding between periods
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Increased body hair

Dark body hair

Increased sweating

Vaginal discharge

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