Hormonal coil (IUS)


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Time used
5 - 8 years
Had children
70kg - 75kg / 11st 0lb - 11st 11lb
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This review is for the refitting of my coil at 5y. I was v anxious due to my first fitting which consisted of two appointments because the nurse couldn’t find my cervix and, when she finally fitted it, I passed out from the pain and had severe cramping for a few days which also caused me to faint. Once I got past that first week I loved the coil. At my refitting I took paracetamol and ibuprofen an hour before my appointment and made the GP aware of my previous experience. I couldn’t tolerate the first size of speculum but she was able to use a smaller one which helped. The removal of the old coil was painless. However, it hurt when she was measuring my cervix which made me even more anxious about having a new coil fitted. The GP then applied some local anaesthetic, and left it 5-10 minutes to take effect before fitting the coil. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have the searing pain that caused me to faint the first time! I had some mild cramping for the rest of the day but nothing I couldn’t handle and just feel so relieved. So, I would highly recommend enquiring with your GP about local anaesthetic for your coil fitting/replacement, it seems to have helped with post fitting cramps as well as the insertion itself.

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Tender breasts

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