Hormonal coil (IUS)


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Time used
1 - 3 months
Had children
45kg - 50kg / 7st 1lb - 7st 12lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


I only got the Mirena inserted a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to write an early review because I would have liked to have seen a few before getting it inserted. The insertion was uncomfortable but totally manageable. My doctor was super lovely and walked through everything before-hand. The procedure itself took 5-10 minutes. Mostly it felt like period cramps with a couple moments of a sharp, visceral pain. The doctor let me say when it got too much and she would stop and let me take a few breaths before continuing. It was completely easy and the worst of it was over in a matter of seconds. I had low-level period cramps for the rest of the day which were made better with ibuprofen. I was on my period at the time, so that probably contributed. For the first week after having the Mirena in, I have mostly had very low-level period cramps on and off. So minor that I haven’t really taken any ibuprofen. I have had consistent spotting and just wear panty liners throughout the day. I have had maybe a few more painful cramps, (for a half hour) but nothing worse than what I would get on my period. Other than that, I feel amazing and would already reccomend the Mirena! My sex drive is definitely higher and I have had no changes to my skin, weight, mood, or anything else (which were my biggest initial concerns). I will, of course, review again after months/years of having the Mirena.

Impact whilst taking

Neutral - no change
No change
Spotting / light bleeding between periods
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

No effects

Womb cramps

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