Hormonal coil (IUS)


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Over 45
Time used
6 - 12 months
Had children
55kg - 60kg / 8st 9lb - 9st 6lb
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I have been using Levosert for approximately 8 months now but I believe this has had a huge impact to my cognitive behaviour. I will try and validate this the best I can. 2019, was a great year/ summer, and I was in a new relationship but my combined pill, cerelle was increasing the length of my periods. Light as they became, I was bleeding for three weeks every month, but my mood was positive, so it took me a while to change to something else. In August 2019, I moved house. I distinctively remember having lots of energy and being a single mother, I decided that the easiest way to move the majority of mine and my children’s possessions, would be using large laundry bags, to pack all the clothes, toys and softer items. I remember throwing the large packed bags across the room, in a search to find things that I had packed ahead of time with a lot of ease. On the day the removal men came, I volunteered to help load and unload the van. It was all very little effort. Then about two weeks later, I was booked into a clinic to have the Levosert hormonal coil fitted. The fitting was clumsy as the nurses struggled to insert the device, as it had been recently changed from mirena ( I had the mirena coil in 2016 – 2018 for about 18 months. I hated it, as it made me feel apathetic and full of pmt symptoms. Two weeks after it was removed, my mood instantly lifted and I remember looking at the warm blue sunny sky and thinking, I’ve not seem or felt this feeling for a very long time). After the fitting I was invited to go back for a check up, three weeks later, should I need it. I had stomach cramps for the entire month. I went back twice to see if it had been inserted incorrectly and I was also referred for a scan. It was inserted correctly, I was told that it just needed time to settle. After one month, the cramps subsided and eventually went, early other symptoms I was having in the first four weeks, was dizziness, struggling to sleep and hot sweats at night. However during September, in my new home, I remember feeling very weak. As though I’d used all my strength in the move; was that possible, did I over exert myself I thought. Is that even a thing? But even 8 months on I am a lot weaker. I struggle to carry, push and pull basic furniture or items. So much so, that I strained the muscles under my collar bone last week, carrying shopping. My energy is there, but the strength is not. Mentally, my memory and speech is foggy, my recall is slower. This could be down to peri menopause symptoms perhaps, as I am 48 but it was very notable, immediately after the move and the insertion of the coil. I am sensitive to most drugs (apart from paracetamol). I generally need a smaller dose to most. But in terms of pain, my threshold is high. (Both children delivered within two hours, having dilated very quickly/suddenly at home). My periods have stopped and my mood is stable but I am definitely a shadow of my former self. It’s April 2020 now, I am self isolating under the lock down in the U.K. I am hoping that a visit to a gym, once they reopen will boost my cognition, as this did in 2018 following me stopping the Merina coil, where I was contraceptive free. I am struggling to find any real life review about Levosert, so I hope this helps, being such an new drug.

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat positively
I gained weight
Stopped periods
Sex drive
No change

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Enlarged breasts

Better skin

Spots or acne

Increased sweating

Tender breasts

Womb cramps

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