Copper coil (IUD)


About the reviewer

Time used
18 months - 3 years
Had children
60kg - 65kg / 9st 6lb - 10st 3lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


The insertion for me was particularly painful and took me a few days to feel recovered. My periods for the first year or so were heavier than usual and came with a lot more cramping than I was used to, I also started cramping during ovulation. These cramps have settled down after two years of having my IUD. I started spotting a lot more with my IUD and during ovulation as well. This has also settled down recently. I have had no issues with the IUD itself – no infections and it hasn’t moved. My boyfriend can occasionally feel it during penetrative sex but not often and it does not affect our sex life. The cramps and pain have been quite debilitating at times so if you’re somebody who already has a lot of pain with their periods, this perhaps isn’t the best option, just due to the increased pain it causes. For me, this was the best option for contraception as I did not want any hormonal contraception so the pain has been a side effect that I can deal with, knowing that there are no hormones involved. Also, knowing that it will be there for 5 years is reassuring for me.

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat negatively
No change
Heavier periods
Sex drive
No change

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Back pain

Nausea or vomiting

Tender breasts

Womb cramps

Vaginal discharge

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