Copper coil (IUD)


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3 - 6 months
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55kg - 60kg / 8st 9lb - 9st 6lb
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Overall my experience has been really positive. I read a lot of reviews on here before getting the copper IUD fitted, needless to say, i was terrified lol. I went to a sexual health clinic for the insertion because there they’re able to give you pain relief, i would definitely recommend you do the same. The pain relief offered is a numbing gel they put on your vagina and then they inject you with a anaesthetic and wait for it to take effect. After that I couldn’t feel anything down there and had zero discomfort. I had the 5 year version of the coil inserted because it’s smaller than the 10 year version and has less copper so meant to be less side effects. Also works for me because I’m 27 so in 5 years I might be ready to try for a baby. The evening after insertion i had a few cramps but nothing really, about the same as having a bad period. I just stayed in bed with a hot water bottle, glass of wine, chocolates and watched films. Had a bit of cramping and bleeding the next few days too but was manageable. My next 3 periods were longer and heavier than usual, took about 6-8 days each, but was manageable. I noticed my breasts were more tender and got bigger, which is a new period side effect for me. Also the doctor told me to stick to pads rather than tampons in the forst few months to avoid disturbing it in case it gets dislodged. I got some heavy duty period pants from thnx which I really recommend, so much more comfortable than using plastic pads and it doesn’t feel wet or bulky. The following two periods after that have been absolutely fine, they’re 3 days max and it’s like someone turns on and off a tap, 2 heavy days and then nothing. I hadn’t used hormonal contraception for about 3 years and wanted it to stay that way so really happy that I’ve found a form of contraception that doesn’t use hormones and that you only have to think about once and then can rest easy knowing it’s sorted. Overall, would recommend this form of contraception, wish I’d got it sooner but the negative reviews I’d read in the past had made me apprehensive before this year. Last thing, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to continue doing yoga or going on jogs, but the doctor told me this was fine to continue doing and so far so good.

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Neutral - no change
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Heavier periods
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No change

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Enlarged breasts

Tender breasts

Womb cramps

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