Copper coil (IUD)

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6 - 12 months

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75kg - 80kg / 11st 11lb - 12st 8lb

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Yes I'm using it currently


I've had the Copper Coil for 6 months now, my experience had been overall positive! However there has been a couple of negatives as well, for example insertion. Insertion was horrible, didn't go well at all! The doctor couldn't get it in, I was screaming out in pain just overall horrific! When I sat up my lower half was covered in blood! The doctor said it hadn't gone to plan and I should probably take a couple days off work! I was in lots of pain for the first day, couldn't walk around and basically lay in bed with a hot water bottle. The second day was much easier and from there onwards it got better and better! I've had one side that I've noticed and that's spots! I have relatively clear skin most of the time but since I've had the coil my chin is absolutely covered! Other things I've noticed, my sex drive is back! The main reason I came off the pill, nothing would get me going but since I've had the coil I'm back to my normal self! Also along those lines I had been suffering from vaginal dryness, which was incredibly uncomfortable but gain this has improved since! I'm also having lighter periods! So overall I am very happy! It was a rocky start, but I'm very happy with the Copper Coil!

Impact whilst taking

Time taken


Somewhat positively

Impact on weight


I don’t know / can’t tell

Had children


Spotting / light bleeding between periods

Reviewer height

Sex drive:

Increased sex drive

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No effects on the head


Spots or acne

Down There

Vaginal discharge

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