Copper coil (IUD)


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3 - 5 years
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60kg - 65kg / 9st 6lb - 10st 3lb
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I had the copper coil fitted as I wanted to avoid anything with hormones and this is about the only option that’s out there. The fitting for me was quite painful. It was more than ‘uncomfortable’ but the nurse held my hand through it and I was fine. Afterwards I had some cramps and bleeding but nothing bad and it felt like normal period pain. I was told it would settle down in a few months but it actually took over a year before my periods topped being extremely heavy. They were so heavy I had to work from home for the first couple of days, as without fail I would leak and have to be be very near the loo. I had lots of clots and heaviness. It led me to have anemia, which I was put on iron tablets for. It’s been 3 years now and my periods have settled down and I don’t have any side effects or pain. It was a lot to go through though. When I developed anemia the doctors focussed on iron tablets and not also removing the coil which was what was causing it. I do feel doctors are a bit blind to holistic approaches but that’s probably another website. .. overall I would recommend it but just be aware that you need to go through a rough patch before things settle down and it’s not that easy to put in.

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No change
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Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

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No effects

Back pain

Womb cramps

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