Combined pill


About the reviewer

Time used
3 - 5 years
Had children
55kg - 60kg / 8st 9lb - 9st 6lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


I was switched by the pharmacy from Microgynon to Rigevidon at the age of 20 (I was told Microgynon was no longer available as it was too expensive) and was told it was the same. However as soon as I started Rigevidon I noticed I became more depressed and over the 5 years of taking it I suffered extreme mood changes, constant heavy spotting with pain between periods, very heavy periods, painful breasts, lots of painful cramping, constant back and pelvic pain, persistent nausea and extremely bad headaches, inability to eat or drink much at times due to stomach pain, and just generally feeling awful (these symptoms got worse over time). I felt like I wasn’t myself anymore and eventually at the age of 25 I decided to switch over to a mini-pill called Cerelle and I couldn’t be happier! My mood has been much better, the nausea has decreased, I’ve only had one period in six months and it was light and not painful, no spotting at all and the back ache and cramping has lessened. All pills work differently for different people so I would absolutely recommend going back to your GP and trying something else/a different type if you are not happy.

Impact whilst taking

Very negatively
No change
Heavier periods
Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

Side effects whilst taking



High blood pressure

Increased sweating

Nausea or vomiting

Back pain

Tender breasts

Spots or acne

Issues wearing contact lenses

Increased body hair

Womb cramps

Vaginal discharge


Impact after using

Very positively
I gained weight
I don’t know/can’t tell
Sex drive
I don’t know / can’t tell


No effects

No effects

Experience after taking

I switched straight to a mini-pill and it only took a few weeks before I noticed positive changes, most notably to my mood and the fact I was finally getting no more random heavy spotting and a lot less backache, cramping a d pain in general. I finally feel like I’m getting back to my normal self.

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