Combined pill


About the reviewer

Time used
6 - 12 months
Had children
55kg - 60kg / 8st 9lb - 9st 6lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


When I started, within two days I was a wreck. My mum wanted me off it but I insisted on riding it out in hopes it would calm down. I burst out crying at everything, felt hopeless and constantly down and had the shortest temper ever. After about 2 weeks this settled for awhile, but every month for a week after my period, I experienced this again. However, the last two months this ended up being continuous (which is why I stopped) , literally at one point I was so down I was just crying on the kitchen floor for 4 hours straight. Needless to say I was very dehydrated after. The reason behind it? No idea. After stopping, within four days I started to feel less emotional, and within two weeks I was back to myself. My sex drive went down a lot, at the time I did realise but didn’t realise it went down so much, after coming off It my sex drive skyrocketed. In terms of periods, the first four months were regular and fine, after that for a good few months I had a lot of spotting between periods, this didn’t bother me too much but it was annoying that a couple of pairs of undies got ruined. My skin I think stayed mostly the same, and my weight stayed the same. HOWEVER, I became very intolerant of heat, fainted in class a couple of times due to it, and got dizzy quickly, I didn’t think it was the pill but after stopping this has stopped too, of course can’t be definite it was the pill but I’m 80% sure it was. Basically, the pill made me extremely sad, and very anxious, to the point of it being unbearable, and that was the worst side effect. However, my mum has mentioned that the pill actually helped her mood swings, so it’s not everyone. I just think women should be more aware.

Impact whilst taking

Very negatively
No change
Spotting / light bleeding between periods
Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

Side effects whilst taking


High blood pressure

Spots or acne

Vaginal discharge

Impact after using

Very positively
I lost weight
1 month
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

No effects

Better skin

Back pain

No effects

Experience after taking

Increased sex drive, mood improved A LOT, skin slightly improved but not tonnes.

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