Gedarel 30/150

Combined pill


About the reviewer

Time used
3 - 5 years
Had children
60kg - 65kg / 9st 6lb - 10st 3lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


I have been taking this pill to manage endometriosis symptoms. I had got to the point with them that I figured the side effects of the pill were worth it, if it helped my endo symptoms. I thought I got on ok with this pill until I realised my mood was just super low for no real reason. I had withdrawn from life and gone from someone who loved food and cooking and eating (it’s literally a part of my job!) to finding food a chore. I hated getting invited to social events because I just felt no connection to my friends anymore. My husband and I seriously talked about divorce as I felt so disconnected from him and numb. Sex was a “oh god get it over with” situation even though I find my partner attractive and love him dearly. I literally felt nothing. Nothing. In addition to these deeply distressing mood symptoms. I developed Hyperpigmentation On my face and my body shape changed completely from lean and athletic to hourglass. Not the worst! But a definite change for clothing and identity which took a long time to adjust to.

Impact whilst taking

Very negatively
I gained weight
I don’t know / can’t tell
Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Enlarged breasts

Spots or acne

Back pain

No effects

Impact after using

Somewhat positively
No change
3-6 months
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

No effects

Spots or acne

Vaginal dryness

Experience after taking

Clearer mind. A sex drive that actually exists. Able to manage hunger and food cravings much better rather than the mindless eating that had taken over

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