Gedarel 20/150

Combined pill


About the reviewer

Under 18
Time used
6 - 12 months
Had children
55kg - 60kg / 8st 9lb - 9st 6lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


I find this pill to be very good for me. Before starting it my skin was poor, my mood was worryingly low all the time, i was far to thin ect amd since starting im so much happier and i love only getting my period every 2+ months. The only downside is that previously to starting the pill my periods had not many side effects other that they were very irregular but now when I’m on the break from the pill and on my period i get womb cramps, back pack and just general period pain to a point i find sometimes agonising like seriously cannot cope till the point i feel like throwing up and no painkillers help. The period pains will last about 2/3 days which is just about bare able but im okay with it because i get alot of benefits from this pill.

Impact whilst taking

Somewhat positively
I don’t know / can’t tell
No change
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

Side effects whilst taking


Better skin

Enlarged breasts

Back pain

Spots or acne

Increased sweating

Nausea or vomiting

Tender breasts

Womb cramps

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal dryness

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