Gedarel 20/150

Combined pill


About the reviewer

Time used
1 - 3 months
Had children
55kg - 60kg / 8st 9lb - 9st 6lb
Currently using
Yes I'm using it currently


I’m taking this pill short term as well as still being on the implant. Sounds crazy but after using the implant for 5 years overall with no side effects at all (apart from no period), I started having spotting, periods every week, low mood and reduced sex drive. My doctor recommended I take the combined pill for three months in order to stop having periods, with the hope that after the three months I could go back to just the implant and the side effects would go. I was super suspicious at first but it’s actually been ok. My mood and sex drive have improved (gone back to normal) and my periods have stopped. The only big negative is that my breasts have gotten bigger and a lot more tender, painful and even itchy. When I started the pill I got very painful nipple thrush so I had to use a cream to treat this – the itching has gone now but I’m still a bit tender!

Impact whilst taking

Neutral - no change
No change
Stopped periods
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

Side effects whilst taking

No effects

Tender breasts

Enlarged breasts

No effects

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