Combined pill


About the reviewer

Time used
3 - 5 years
Had children
60kg - 65kg / 9st 6lb - 10st 3lb
Currently using
No I've stopped using it


Prescribed Dianette to help improve my skin at 17 it worked wonderfully and after 4 months my skin had transformed. Remained on the pill for 3 years, my GP then explained it was no longer a safe pill, the risk of clots was much higher than other pills and so I changed to another pill (Yaz). Fast forward 6 months and the side effects were horrendous so I returned to the GP who refused to prescribe Dianette again. I went elsewhere and used an online doctor service who prescribed it for 2 years before the same reasoning for stopping the prescription was raised again. I have been told to experiment with taking different pills before I find one that suits me. I find this such a counter productive method of finding the correct prescription as I am currently dealing with many negative side effects while trying to find ‘the one’.

Impact whilst taking

Neutral - no change
No change
No change
Sex drive
Increased sex drive

Side effects whilst taking


Better skin

Enlarged breasts

Tender breasts

Womb cramps

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal dryness

Impact after using

Somewhat negatively
No change
3-6 months
Sex drive
Loss of sex drive

No effects

Better skin

Spots or acne

No effects

Experience after taking

My mood was quite changeable, very grumpy or emotional which I had never experienced in the years previous while on the pill. The delayed period was inconvenient but I was told to just wait it out and I would come back eventually. No womb cramps when period returned which I found unusual.

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