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After bad experiences with the pill I wanted to avoid hormonal contraception, and did not think the coil was right for me. The diaphragm is therefore the only method of contraception (other than condoms) that I found available. I got it fitted at a local sexual health clinic fine - although I did have to ring up to request that my appointment was with someone trained with fitting it, as not everyone can do this. There were a few different sizes to make sure you get one that fits you. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of putting it in and taking it out at first, but if you're used to fiddling with a mooncup you'll pick it up. It's good when you have planned when you need to use it, as you can insert it a couple of hours before and not have to worry about it in the moment. My partner says he can feel it but it's usually not uncomfortable for him - occasionally when I'm on top. As someone who has had a lot of UTIs, I was a bit worried about the increased risk of cystitis (because the rim sits against your bladder) but have never got it when using the diaphragm. The downside is that it requires a bit of extra planning, so if I'm lazy I end up just using condoms instead. Also it's pretty gross when you take it out after leaving it in overnight, and a load of stinky semen-spermicide goo comes out! All in all, a bit of a faff but I'd way rather use this than hormonal contraception. I only use this occasionally as a result. I wish there was a really good non hormonal, non coil option out there!

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