Norethisterone Enanthate flies solo; a synthetic progestin, it’s used on its own in the contraceptive Injection for women. It’s androgenic and suppresses testosterone in men, which has made it a candidate for a potential hormonal male contraceptive1. Hallelujah.

Once injected into the body, Nortethisterone Enanthate is quickly converted into Norethisterone, and works in the same way with similar side effects. 

How does it work?

Norethisterone Enanthate is converted into Norethisterone, which to reduces pain in women with endometriosis by preventing ovulation, a process which can cause increased pain in women who have the condition2. It also works by thickening the cervical fluid, which can stop sperm from entering your uterus, and can thin the lining of your uterus in a way that makes it harder for a fertilised egg to implant.

What’s it in?

The Injection

Is it androgenic?


What are the side effects?

The following side effects have been recorded for Norethisterone when taken by injection3.


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