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The Lowdown's Fertility Awareness Course

Join this virtual 1 hour seminar with Sarah Panzetta, one of the UK’s leading fertility awareness practitioners, and learn how to use this method of contraception alongside a supportive group of women!

WHEN: 5.30pm 23rd February

Spaces: 6

COST: £45

Learn how to use Fertility Awareness as a method of contraception

Fertility awareness (or ‘FAM’) is a natural method of contraception that involves observing, recording and interpreting bodily signs associated with the menstrual cycle. 


Used properly it can be up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. It’s also a great way to learn about your body and hormones

What you'll learn...


A speedy guide to the power of your fertility cycle!


Your waking temperature, fluid and other information

How to unlock your data

How to use your data to work out when you’re fertile

One hour seminar with membership to a supportive online community

all the kit you'll need

You'll get the materials, charts and guides to help you track and learn about your cycle. You just need to make sure you have a thermometer!

One hour seminar

A group seminar where Sarah will train you on everything you need to know to practice Fertility Awareness


You'll be a part of a message group with Sarah and your classmates, so you can ask questions and learn about Fertility Awareness together

Sarah Panzetta

Fertility Awareness Practitioner

Sarah has been teaching women and their partners fertility awareness since 2011 and practicing it herself since 1995 (one pregnancy, on purpose!) She believes in keeping things simple, and in women and their partners using the approach to fertility awareness, and contraception, that’s right for them


A standard fever thermometer is fine – one with a memory and a quiet beep. You don’t need 2 decimal points, they overcomplicate things – Sarah likes to keep things simple!

It depends. Some women pick it up really quickly and others take a while. It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike – easy once you know how. This course includes a 1 hour seminar with Sarah and the group – and then ongoing support in a group for you to answer questions and speak to Sarah as you learn.

Expect to use condoms or other precautions for at least the first month or so. After that, it depends on your cycle and your priorities. Some will only use condoms for ten days a cycle, others will use them for about two thirds of their cycle.

Sarah is a Fertility UK practitioner. This means she teaches a Symptothermal method of Fertility Awareness which is a simplified version of Sensiplan, recommended by the NHS website. You can read more about the different fertility awareness methods in this BMJ article. 

Your partner can attend the seminar but they can’t join the support group.

Not really. You can learn the theory but it’s best to learn when you have periods. Otherwise it’s a bit like learning the theory of riding a bike!

Yes you can. You are still ovulating so you can still track your temperature and other fertility signs. They will change slightly if you remove the IUD.

If you have any other questions just email! 

What Sarah's clients say...

"Sarah was candid, kind, open-minded. The whole discussion was like a pool of light in a void.

I had not heard a whisper of such methods growing up."
J Rose
"We tried natural contraception with one of the high-street apps for nearly a year before we realised that the app’s algorithm is something we will never trust.

Then we found Sarah. She empowered us both, giving us all the necessary information about the fertility awareness method of contraception (FAM), answering all questions and sharing her experience with us."
"Working with Sarah has taken a weight off my mind.

I used to spend a fortune on pregnancy tests every month because I wasn't sure what I was doing. It's so much better now."