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Natural family planning is a method of contraception that works by being able to identify the signs and symptoms of fertility during the menstrual cycle so you can avoid pregnancy. It works by identifying and recording the symptoms of fertility (such as the presence of cervical mucus and raised body temperature) and avoiding sex or using protecting during these periods.


  • During intercourse
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • 1 - 3 Months
  • 1 - 3 Years
  • 3 - 5 Years
  • Permanent
  • Clinical effectiveness



    Contains hormones


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    How to get started

    • If you’re interested in learning to use natural family planning, make sure you’re taught by a qualified fertility awareness teacher. Find an NHS fertility awareness clinic in your local area. You need to receive good instructions and support.
    • Your awareness teacher will be able to show you how to regularly monitor the length of your menstrual cycle, body temperature and cervical mucus in order to give you a more accurate picture of what you’re likely to be most fertile. You can use fertility charts and other fertility monitoring devices like computerised thermometers and dipstick hormone tests to record your measurements.

    How to stop

    • Stopping using the natural planning is easy, you just stop abstaining from sex when you are fertile.
    • These methods have little to no after effects, but check out our survey results to learn about anything women have experienced.

    Things that can go wrong

    • Ultimately, you may have sex accidentally without protection when you are fertile and that could lead to pregnancy. It’s not an exact science and can take several months to learn natural planning effectively; lots of factors (illness, lifestyle, stress or travel) may make fertility indicators harder to interpret.
    • Using hormonal emergency contraception will upset your normal hormone pattern and alter your fertility indicators. After using hormonal emergency contraception you should not rely on your natural family planning indicators for two complete menstrual cycles. This allows time for your cycle to return to normal and for your natural family planning indicators to be reliable.


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