Condom giveaway

Win a lifetime’s supply for your University society

Look, we’re as surprised as you.


It’s world contraception day this Saturday (26th of September)


To raise awareness, we partnered with Superdrug and they very kindly said they’d donate some condoms.


So imagine our surprise when a lorry turned up with 1500kg’s worth. That’s 200,000.

How to claim your box

We collect reviews for all the methods of contraception, and we use this to help provide information on if, how, and why to switch methods if things aren’t ideal.


The more reviews we have, the wider the range of experience we can report on and base our information on.

Write a review for any method that you’ve used. The more reviews we have, the better information we can provide.

Fill out the form below so we know who to send them to!

We’ll be in touch with details send you a whole box (that’s 864 condoms) – completely free

The Lowdown's Condom Giveaway