Our mission is to change the way that women choose their contraception

We believe there is a better way to talk about contraception. A more data driven way - where we hear from real people’s experiences, not a patient information leaflet.

Our four values

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Life is easier when you let other people try things for you. We want to hear from the women and men who have used a contraceptive. That's what makes The Lowdown unique.

No scaremongering

Whilst we know everyone has a different way of talking about their experiences, we will do as much as we can to ensure the reviews at The Lowdown are balanced, and package up our results into something that can be filtered and read objectively.

Fundamentally positive

Sorry Father, but we’re not anti contraception. It gives women independence and has revolutionised the way that men and women live their lives. We're not here to moan about it, we're here to help people make well informed decisions about it.

With you the whole way

Like a bad afterparty few people talk about, no one seems to explain what happens after you stop using a type of contraception. The Lowdown are interested in the long term impact and after effects of contraception. Before, during and after you stop using it.

Alice's story

Alice Pelton

It took me over a decade to realise the impact that taking hormonal contraceptives had on my emotional and mental state.

I started taking the Pill when I was 16. I always thought I was a very hormonal teenager, but it wasn’t until I stopped taking it a few years later, my personality completely changed. I was calmer and stopped crying all the time at stupid things like my parents wedding anniversary.

I must have tried over seven different types of pill, but I could never seem to find one that worked for me. Every time I got into a new relationship, I’d go back to my doctor and try out a different pill. Every time I struggled to get used to it and had  incredible mood swings.

In my search for the right contraception I came across a number of problems that have become the foundation of The Lowdown:

> Lack of data on side effects

For many women, the only way they can find out side effects they’ll get is by asking their Doctor – who can only relay his/her patient’s experiences. Or by asking their group of friends. Both are useful, but small sample sizes. I am convinced that if we collect this data at scale, then it will tell us new things.

> The internet is a scary place for health advice

I have so many questions I know friend and I want answering; If I don’t get on with Pill X, which one should I try next? Is getting a coil fitted really painful if you’ve not had kids? Resorting to Google, I often find myself more confused than before. There is lots of information out there, but it’s not presented in the right format. And sometimes, it’s terrifying!

> You have to try to know

Often when you ask a doctor or sexual health clinic questions about contraception, their response is ‘you’ll have to try it and see’. In a world where we can put the man on the moon, surely there has to be a better way of figuring this all out?

> Doctor’s appointments are pretty short

Like many, I can never get all my questions answered in 10 minutes. Doctors and nurses are busy. We need to arm both men and women with better tools to make the most of that conversation.

Whilst I know my story is extreme, throughout my twenties I lost count of the number of times I sat around with my group of friends and they’ve talked about how contraception impacted their lives. From their weight and periods, to their sex drive – the good and the bad. It has an impact on the way that women (and men) feel.

So, I decided to create The Lowdown.

A year of building the site later and here we are. Our plan is to get to 5,000 reviews for each type, and then work out what the data and our users is telling us.

Collecting this data is just the beginning. There is so much more we can do; from creating an algorithm that works out if you didn’t like one type, which is the best type for you to try, to working with pharmaceutical companies to learn more about how we can improve the drugs and their research and development.

I am determined to provide better information and real world advice for those that need it, so women don’t have to go through what I went through.

The team

Alice Pelton


Alice set up The Lowdown in 2018 with a mission to help women find helpful, user-generated data on contraception. She leads on the delivery of our brand, platform and overall proposition.

David Pratt


David is in charge of developing our website and app. He has extensive experience in startups and has grown and scaled several community based B2C products.

Petra Rabely

Design & Content Lead

Petra looks after all things design - creating our beautiful illustrations, and managing our look and feel across our social channels. She also edits and manages our blog.

Sophie King

Content Writer

Sophie is a Cardiff University-trained journalist who is passionate about sharing women's contraception stories in the hope that it will connect with others. She writes for us weekly on all things contraception.

Holly Mecke-Taylor

Social Lead

Holly looks after our Instagram account @Gettheldown - she takes pride in making sure our content is informative and fun, and that our community are in the loop. She also leads on all talent and artist outreach.

Maddie Braidwood

Content Writer

Maddie is an English Language and Linguistics graduate who is passionate about writing. She heads up our Contraception of the Week and writes fun & informative content on the weird & wonderful sides of contraception!