Jaydess v Mirena v Kyleena: which hormonal coil is best for me?

If the coil is your chosen contraceptive then it is best to note that different brands of coils can cause different symptoms. Here, we explain how they differ.

Despite it not being the most popular choice for your first contraception, many professionals would probably recommend the coil due to its effectiveness. When inserted, it is more than 99% effective plus you won’t have to think about it until it is removed.

But which type of IUS coil is best for you?

Jaydess vs Mirena vs Kyleena: the facts

Both the Jaydess, Kyleena and Mirena coil contain hormones that help to prevent pregnancy. Both contain the hormone levonorgestrel. While the Jaydess last three years, the Mirena and Kyleena can be left in for up to five years.

The Mirena coil – or IUS – is made of a small whit T-shaped fame made from a plastic called polyethylene. The hormone is contained within a silicon substance which is surrounded by a membrane also made from the same – polydimethylsiloxane. Unlike the Mirena, Jaydess has a silver ring and the removal threads are brown.

Jaydess and Kyleena are also small white T-shaped frame made from polyethylene however, the hormone is places in a polydimethylsiloxane and colloidal silica. Jaydess is the slightly smaller coil. The Mirena coil can help with not only the prevention of pregnancy but it can help with endometrial protection, HMB and endometriosis.

The Jaydess acts only as a contraceptive. Younger females or those who have not yet had children might prefer the Jaydess for size and it is slightly smaller than the Mirena.

How are the Jaydess, Kyleena and Mirena coils fitted?

All coils have the same insertion process:

A hormonal coil can be fitted at any time in your menstrual cycle as long as you are not pregnant. If it’s fitted in the first seven days of your cycle, you will be protected against pregnancy right away. Having an IUS fitted can be uncomfortable, and some people might find it painful, but you can have a local anesthetic to help. Discuss this with your GP or nurse beforehand.

An appointment takes around 15 – 20 minutes and fitting the coil should take no longer than five. The vagina is held open, like it is during a smear test, and the coil is inserted through the cervix and then into the womb.

After getting it inserted, you may be advised to take it easy and to take painkillers if you feel any discomfort. Once fitted, the coil will need to be checked by a GP after three to six weeks to ensure everything is fine. If you have any problems though, before or after this appointment, do make sure you tell your doctor.

It is possible but unlikely, to have an infection after getting it fitted. Symptoms of one include pain in your lower abdomen, a high temperature and a smelly discharge.

Mirena vs Jaydess vs Kyleena: side effects

Now you know the technical ins and outs of both coils, but would do people who have tried them say?

The IUS coil and acne

For the Jaydess coil, 14% of females said it increased their acne by a little but and for the Mirena, 21% said the same. Only 11% of respondents said the Kyleena coil caused a great deal of acne.

The IUS coil and moods

The majority (50%) of females said they felt no change in their moods when on the Jaydess and on Kyleena (43%), a light increase from those who noticed no change on Mirena (46%).

The IUS coil and periods

Almost two fifths (36%) of females said their periods stopped once the Jaydess coil had been inserted and a higher 56% said the Mirena coil stopped theirs.

For Jaydess, 24% said they had lighter periods and 29% said they became irregular. For the Mirena however, it was equal between with two with 15% saying the same.

For Kyleena, 35% of females said their periods stopped completely or they had irregular periods.

The IUS coil and sex drive

What about your sex drive people? Well luckily, the majority if respondents felts there was no change in their sex drive – aka hornyness – on both coils. For Jaydess, 57% said there was no change and 48% said the same for Mirena.

However, Two-fifths (38%) said they lost their sex drive when on the Kyleena and 29% said they felt a decrease in sex drive while on the Jaydess coil and a similar percentage (27%) said the same for the Mirena.

The IUS coil and weight gain

In terms of weight gain, two thirds (61%) of participants said there was no change on the Mirena, a slight increase of 67% said the same for the Jaydess. Likewise, the majority (59%) of reviewers said the same for the Kyleena.

What do the reviews say?

Jaydess reviews

“My periods became very irregular- would stop for 3-4 months then be very light for 10 days or so which I found annoying. Other than that it was great! I asked for local anesthetic when they put it in too which made it a lot less painful.”

“I had the Jaydess inserted after a good experience with the Mirena coil. it was a huge mistake for me. I didn’t stop bleeding for 3 months and just generally felt awful. My gyno recommended taking it out as it turned out I had an infection that wouldn’t clear up with antibiotics and my vagina has never been the same since. It gets really dry, sensitive and I suffer from dermatitis/eczema. It also caused me to have a cyst which then burst and bled into itself. Once I had the Jaydess removed the infection cleared up as well as the cyst but I still suffer from awful eczema.”

“Best contraception I’ve ever used. Minor side effects, lighter periods with very little pain, better skin, no weight gain, no worries – what’s not to love about it? Have mine in 2 years and will be getting a new one immediately after this one comes out.”

Mirena coil reviews

“Would have been great but pretty sure it’s the reason I have had chronic thrush!”

“It was painful to put in, and I had cramping occasionally (a few times a month) for quite a while afterward. I had 9 months of irregular bleeding (light spotting), but now no bleeding at all, and that is wonderful. No side effects at all apart from the bleeding initially. Amazing alternative to remembering pills.”

“I got this when I was 25 y/o after 7 years of the implant on and off, which caused bleeding. I decided to get the Mirena because the other options were exhausted (I can’t take the pill for medical reasons). I can’t lie, getting it put in did hurt – a lot – but it hurt for about 20 seconds. Before anyone tells you how painful it is, it IS worth it. After having it put in, I was fine at first and then had mild bleeding and cramps for about a week. Since then, my periods have completely stopped. I occasionally have mild bleeding after sex but I think this is unrelated. I saw a doctor at the hospital recently and she saw my Mirena on a scan, she asked me about it and then said “The Mirena has changed my life” and I can’t disagree. I had it checked by a nurse about 3 months later because I was worried that it might have moved but all is good. I’m now 8 months in and it’s amazing – I get VERY occasional, VERY mild cramps but other than that, it’s changed my life.”

Kyleena coil reviews

“I found fitting extremely painful, but the worst bit was very fast – so only intense pain for like 10 seconds. I had pretty heavy bleeding for a few days after fitting and then a more painful / heavy period the mont after and then since that have basically not had a period. I didn’t notice any change in mood, but boobs have got bigger and I’ve put some weight on (although that could be due to lockdown!). I found I got cramping for about 6 weeks after fitting, not constant but they were very uncomfortable for the first few weeks. Overall really pleased with it, worth the discomfort at the start for what will hopefully be 5 years of not having to worry about contraception!”

“All I will say with this one is give it 6 months to settle down! I had quite sore breasts on and off for the first 3 months and after the first 3 months developed quite bad acne. With an adjustment to my skin routine and 3 months of patience it’s virtually back to normal! Get the odd cramp every now and then but virtually never have periods (and if I do, they’re very light and last 1-2 days) but has settled down massively. My sex drive also returned from 5 years on the combined pill and reduced my moodswings – overall I would recommend it despite the hiccups!”

“The first month I got my coil fitted I experienced spotting every day. Three days before my period was due I had an ongoing headache that ended up me being sent home from work in tears So far I haven’t experienced any acne or mood changes but am still feeling sceptical.”

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